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Product Review from Eye and Pen

Product Review from Eye and Pen

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wooly beast naturals design studio space
Along with the awakening of organic food is another movement that’s gaining steam, and that movement is with the body care products that we use on our skin and in our hair everyday. Corporations have long dominated the big name brands that have come to be household names, but for too long few questioned the contents and the toxicity contained in these products. More recently, the serious questions that have needed to be asked have come to the forefront of people’s minds, like if what you’re giving your baby is toxic, or if that skin cream is a carcinogen or not.

These are ridiculously important questions to know, and should have been better researched prior to mass production and big box sales. While some answers have been found, the more important part of this movement is that better, safer and all natural alternatives are now beginning to flood the market.

One of such companies is a local-owned Portland, Oregon based company by the catchy name of Wooly Beast Designs. Wooly Beast specializes in beard oils, perfumes, soaps, candles and more, and what sets them apart from their big brand competitors is that they actually care about what goes into the product, limiting the ingredients to natural, safe and purely beneficial oils, butters, and essential oils with some fragrance oils added to define their distinctive scents. I recently reached out to Wooly Beast Designs to trial a few of their products, to see if there really is a difference to the effect that natural products with slimmed-down ingredient lists have on the body, and on my peace of mind.

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