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The Ultimate Wooly Beast Eco Gift Guide: The Top 12 Gifts For Her

The Ultimate Wooly Beast Eco Gift Guide: The Top 12 Gifts For Her

wooly beast naturals banner with black and gold amber glass jar candle big and spicy with apples on black background and logo with crossed arrows

The Ultimate Wooly Beast Eco Gift Guide: The Top 12 Gifts For Her

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect gift.  I start shopping early summer and selectively start stashing away things that I find much like a squirrel hides her nuts.  I'm always thinking.  Sometimes it's a thrift store find, sometimes its a unique item from a fellow maker, but it's always PERFECT for it's intended recipient.

As a clinical psychologist, and fragrance mixologist at Wooly Beast Naturals, I am drawn towards human emotion.  Nothing delights me more than being able to impact it for the better.  At Wooly Beast, we create products geared towards making one feel cozy, happy, or reminiscent.  As a psychologist, I work with clients to reach their goals, find insight, and eventually create more understanding and balance in their lives.  So, when it comes time to give a gift, I want my gift to impact someone for the better and believe that the gifts below will do this.  We have chosen our ten favorite eco-friendly products made by these women-owned small businesses for that special woman in your life.    

The Top 12 Eco Gifts For Her:

wooly beast naturals rose city natural soap gold tin soy candle and unisex perfume oil in gold on red polka dot cotton pinecones holly berries and white faux furWooly Beast Naturals Fresh Rose-Scented Candle, Soap, and Perfume:
This is our best selling scent collection for women!  Nothing says ‘I love you’ like roses. And how about some that don’t die in a few days?  Even better! This vegan candle, soap, and perfume oil will make her smile each time she uses them.  The candle will fill the room with the smell of fresh picked roses. The soap can be used on the body, to shave, and to wash her hair (which is great for busy moms who don't have time to shower, let alone to have a bunch of products sitting on the shelf).  The perfume oil is a lovely travel size that easily fits in a pocket or purse.  The ladies can't get enough of our Rose City scent!


mad hippie advanced skin care cleanser and moisturizer spray on red polka dot holly berries pinecones wood faux furMad Hippie Advanced Skin Care:
This line of skincare by Mad Hippie is all that I use on my face (that and a little slather of 100% Argan Oil) because I am one MAD HIPPIE (just ask my partner).   I love that these products are all natural without any harmful synthetics. I especially love the Hydrating Nutrient Mist since I’m a busy mom of three little ones (just spray, massage, and go!).  Another favorite is the Cleansing Oil which wipes away makeup, dirt, impurities, and excess oil.  I love the smell and it leaves my face feeling super soft even before I put on the hydrating mist.  I also love that the company donates $1 towards conservation with every online sale.  


essance organic skincare on white polka dot with cleanser moisturizer lip balm serum eye cream with red ribbonEssance Revitalizing Starter Kit:
This kit is the perfect amount of everything to get you started.  It has ingredients that you can pronounce and is organic, which I love.  The serums are firming in all the right ways and the moisturizers do the trick without being greasy.  I found that my face was much softer and I looked younger which always makes me feel happy.


wonderful women's tea by mountain mels in tin can on red and white polka dot cotton with moss pinecones wood and holly berriesMountain Mel’s Wonderful Women’s Tea:
This tea helps to balance a woman’s hormones and soothes nerves from menarche to menopause and beyond (and it really works!).  It’s so effective that I don’t even need to turn to the stronger stuff on those really bad days. Plus, there’s something very comforting about drinking a warm cup of tea.  It also comes with all organic ingredients and tastes great too!


olga's organics makeup lipstick eye shadow vegan eyeshadow brush on red and white polka dot with moss pinecones red ribbonOrganic Vegan Makeup by Olga’s Organics: If you couldn't tell by now, I’m pretty into organic stuff and making things. But when I went through the process of trying to make my own organic makeup….well, let's just say that it didn’t end well.
So, hats off to Olga for figuring it out; she is one skilled lady. All her products are organic and vegan so you can feel good about your purchase (and about putting them on your body).  The
lip tints are a mix between a chapstick and lipstick, last forever, and give your lips a beautiful and natural tint.  The best part about the lip tints? They soothe chapped lips with peppermint and feel like Christmas on your lips. The eyeshadows are also just as amazing.  The Elia and Tia shades create this cosmic smoky eye look that persists well past last call at your work holiday party (or after a day of wrangling little ones). I also use the vegan eyeshadow brush, which is smooth and the eyeshadow just glides on in all the right places.


branch and barrel moon hoop gold earrings on forest green sweater with pinecones surrounding the earrings with wood moss and red ribbon around itBranch & Barrel Maple Moon Hoop Earrings:
This amazing handmade jewelry by Branch & Barrel in beautiful Bend, Oregon has an amazing mission.  We simply LOVE their ‘Buy One Plant One Tree’ campaign! Each piece of their jewelry contributes directly to a global reforestation project!  Even better, they use precious metals and hand cut natural woods like whiskey and wine barrels. I feel pretty (and instantly cooler) when I wear these earrings, which is a great task since I’m usually covered in baby spit up at some point in the day.    


coconut magic balm by vita vieVita Vie Coconut Magic Balm:
Vita Vie utilizes all organic and cruelty free ingredients with limited ingredients and essential oils.  This multi-purpose coconut oil-based balm will calm and uplift, is all natural, and can be used as a moisturizer, make up remover, and prevents stretch marks!  And we love that all of their products have uplifting messages like “You are love.”


mom tattoo heart love gilded gold dark chocolate by Alma on moss and plaid background‘Mom Heart’ Icon Chocolate by Alma: Did you know that chocolate has a soul?  At Alma, they believe in honoring the soul of chocolate, which is a beautiful sentiment.  ALMA is also driven by a reverence for the cultural history of cacaco and a mission to honor its sacred beginnings. How much more sacred can it get than to honor your mother - the vessel of your very own sacred beginning?  If you’re looking for the most unique gift that mom will love, look no further. This chocolate is formed of 74% single estate dark chocolate poured into custom, locally crafted molds and carefully gilded with 23-karat edible gold leaf. Honor mom this year with the classic icon of the word “Mom” in a heart made of gilded chocolate. Yes, yes, yes!


saint olio aromatic cleaning spray in amber glass with pinecones wood and faux fur on red and white polka dot backgroundSaint Olio Aromatic All-Purpose Cleaner: 
I must admit that I went down a deep rabbit hole a few years back when I started researching toxic products and the impact they could have on our family. We now attempt to limit any toxic products in our home.  For awhile, we used only vinegar to clean, but it really just wasn’t a fun experience. And then we discovered Saint Olio Aromatic Cleaner. This isn’t just any cleaning product; it makes cleaning feel like a luxury.  I actually smile as I spritz this on my counters...true story. I must admit that I end up cleaning MORE just because I love the smell of this product and the fact that is is free from toxins. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

vita vie mint rose lip butter organic on moss with wood pinecones and holly berries in backgroundVita Vie Mint en Rose Lip Butter:
This lip butter by Vita Vie is the perfect amount of hydration, protection, and tint.  It smells like peppermint and Ylang Ylang which makes it feel cool on your lips and helps during these cold winter months.  I get instant relief and color when I spread in on my lips. And the positive message on the tin makes me smile for more reasons than being chap-free.









bridge nine candle company portland mist aromatic sprayBridge Nine Candle Company Aromatic Spray: The Portland Mist aromatic spray by Bridge Nine Candle Co. smells devine and instantly transforms your space into a clean and fresh retreat.  Use it on linens, in your bathroom, or in any room that you want to transform into a place that smells like a rainy Portland day.

ground up pdx salted eggnogGround Up PDX Nut Butter: we love Ground Up PDX!  They are a not-just-for-profit women-owned business empowering other women by providing mentorship and job skills training.  What woman wouldn’t want to support a company like this? Even better, their butters are peanut free and have no refined sugars while managing to taste AMAZING.  The seasonal Salted Eggnog is a favorite in our family and has the perfect amount of salty and creamy goodness. We get it every single year and look forward to spreading it on a slice of organic Dave’s Killer bread in the morning.  



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