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The Ultimate Wooly Beast ECO Gift Guide: The Top Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

The Ultimate Wooly Beast ECO Gift Guide: The Top Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

 eco sustainable women-owned organic small business products for gift guide

The Ultimate Wooly Beast ECO Gift Guide: The Top 7 Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

As an eco home and body company, we believe very strongly in supporting other businesses that focus on producing sustainable, organic, and natural products.  In fact, Wooly Beast Naturals started in response to the lack of natural affordable home and body products on the market.  We began making small batches of non-toxic candles and soap in our own home kitchen in Portland, Oregon.  We've moved out of the kitchen and into a studio, but continue to maintain our commitment to the environment and to supporting other small eco businesses.  The following list of products encompass everything that we believe in.  These products also just so happen to be amazing!  This is our list of the top 7 gifts for cocktail lovers.  

The Top 7 Gifts For Cocktail Lovers:

vegan soy wax old fashioned christmas candle by wooly beast naturals in an etched cocktail glass

Wooly Beast Naturals Old-Fashioned Christmas Soy Candle: so we may be a bit biased, but we think that this candle is pretty damn amazing.  It is inspired by the classic cocktail; the one, the only, The Old-Fashioned. Who doesn’t love a classic cocktail while sitting by the Christmas tree? This limited edition small batch vegan candle combines both of those things in one with notes of citrus, whiskey, and spruce tree.  And the best part? The candle is handpoured into an Old-Fashioned cocktail glass that can be reused once your candle burns down (simply clean it with warm water and soap)! And it isn’t just any old’s etched with a rad sacred geometry symbol.


smashed boozy jams and jelliesSMASHED! Boozy Jams and Jellies
: jams and jellies infused with booze? Enough said. With flavors like Apple Cinnamon Whiskey and Peach Champagne with Ginger you’re cocktail lover won’t want to wait until it’s ‘5 o’clock somewhere’ to delve into these.  Heck, you can even have this boozy treat for breakfast!





spiked eggnog vegan soy wax candle in amber jar with kraft label and holly berries and cinnamon and eggnog cocktail on cutting board with black seamlessWooly Beast Naturals Spiked Eggnog Soy Candle: yes, we really love cocktails (hence all of the seasonal candles inspired by popular drinks).  This limited edition small batch vegan candle smells like you’re drinking an eggnog that’s spiked with whiskey while sitting by the douglas fir tree.  It brings up all the warm and fuzzies from boozy holidays of the past.

strongwater mountain elixirs cbd bittersStrongwater CBD Herbal Bitters: this is literally the BEST IDEA EVER!  I am so in love with these new bitters by Strongwater that are infused with CBD.  I personally take CBD every single day!  It's been known to help with all kinds of health ailments like hangovers, inflammation, and anxiety to name a few.  Add them to your cocktail or sparkling water for the complexity and for the health benefits. It kind of makes drinking cocktails healthy, right?  Really, it's a win/win in our opinion.  

  1. strongwater mountain elixir old fashioned cocktail syrup with organic ingredientsStrongwater Old-Fashioned Syrup: I'm a HUGE fan of easy cocktails at this point in my life (True Story: I'm a mom of 3 kids that are 5 and under so there's naturally a big need for cocktails that are easy to put together in a flash).  And you don't have to sacrifice taste or ingest a bunch of artificials colors and flavors with Strongwater syrups.  In fact, their Old-Fashioned cocktail syrup is a 'Good Food Awards' finalist so it's got to be "good," right?  No, it's great!  It has organic demerara sugar, fresh orange peel, organic tart cherries, and a proprietary bitter herb blend.  All you have to do is add your favorite whiskey.  Done and done.  
  2. mountain mels herbal tea where's my mind hangover teaMountain Mel’s Where’s My Mind Tea: this tea by Mountain Mel’s is great for hangovers, which any cocktail lover has experienced (unfortunately).  We love that it's a woman-owned business and that they use all organic ingredients.  And with quirky names like this (and amazing remedies), what's not to like?
  3. hibiscuis heart song mountain mel's organic herbal teaMountain Mel's Hibiscus Heart Song Tea:  at this point, you might be thinking: “more tea?!”  But this tea by Mountain Mel’s makes a pretty darn good cocktail (yes, I've tried it...on several occasions).  It's delicious with notes of tangy berries, zesty citrus, spicy cinnamon, and feels very festive with it's bright and cheerful berry red color.  It goes wonderful with whiskey and makes for the perfect holiday cocktail. 





  1. Once you get all of these amazing products, you can make this cocktail recipe that I developed using Mountain Mel'ls Hibiscus Heart Song Tea and Strongwater CBD Bitters!




holiday hibiscus heart song cocktail with cbd bitters and mountain mel's tea 

  1. Holiday Hibiscus Cocktail:


    2-3 oz Whiskey

    5-10 dashes of Strongwater CBD Hemp Bitters (cherry flavor)

    1 teaspoon of Mountain Mel’s Hibiscus Heart Song tea added to 4 oz of hot water

  2. 1-2 tablespoons of Strongwater Old-Fashioned Syrup

  3. Luxardo Cherries and an orange peel to garnish


    Brew the tea in 4 oz of hot water.  Cool in refrigerator for several hours.  Add whiskey, Old-Fashioned syrup, bitters, and tea to taste (2-4 oz).  Stir to combine. Add Luxardo cherries and/or a orange peel to garnish.



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