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Wooly's Top Eco Holiday Gift Guide

Wooly's Top Eco Holiday Gift Guide

pine needle bunch wrapped in jute string sitting in front of a christmas tree with lights and white ornaments

It's that time of year again.  Tis the season to be...sustainable?  In light of all the recent climate change news, there really is no other option in my opinion, but I don't watch Fox news, so there's that.  

I am a sucker for the holidays and love to lavish my loved ones in gifts.  Before learning about the state of our planet, I am the first to admit that holidays around here were indulgent bordering on straight up obscene.  But, I recently turned over a new leaf (literally) and have made the conscious choice to buy quality goods that will last a lot longer, gently used goods from thrift and/or antique stores, and to make gifts from recycled materials.  This holiday season, I have found the best eco gifts for all and would love to share them with you.

Natural Bath and Body Products from S.A. Plunkett Naturals: I am so in love with everything, that it difficult to choose when it comes to S.A. Plunkett's products.  You can't go wrong since everything is handmade, uses essential oils, and is completely natural.  Did you know that handmade soap lasts way longer than the stuff you buy in stores (often with lots of chemicals added)?  This and the fact that it's plastic free makes it the perfect eco friendly stocking stuffer.  


Reusable Produce Bags from Plastic Free Pursuit: There's no mincing words here - Plastic Free Pursuit is a company that has made it a mission to help everyone go plastic free.  Their products are all geared towards this mission.  On my holiday wish list this year is this reusable produce bag.  How many times have I tried to just put the veggies and fruit in my cart in order to avoid using the plastic provided?  Way too many times to count.  These produce bags are dyed by hand and hold just the right amount of produce.  There are so many other things at their online store - I also think that the plastic free kits would be an amazing starter package for anyone on your holiday gift buying list.  Or maybe the man in your life needs a new plastic free safety razor?  Whatever the need/want, Plastic Free Pursuit has you covered.  

wooly beast handmade handpoured cold process hand stamped natural soap on driftwood by wooly beast naturals

Handmade Soap and Soy Candles from Wooly Beast Naturals: This plastic-free, woman-owned company focuses on making sustainable eco natural products for the home and body.  The soap comes in so many varieties and is the perfect stocking stuffer.  Lumberjack, Bearded Man, and Rose City are top sellers.  Candles use USA-grown soy wax, are handpoured, and use a blend of essential and fine fragrances free of the nasty chemicals in many larger companies.  For the holidays, scents like Cannabis Christmas Tree, Bourbon Apple Cider, Winter Wonderland, and Big + Spicy are big hits.  

A Year Subscription to Cause Box: I've been recieving my CauseBox for about a year now and literally CANNOT WAIT for each season when a new one comes.  I absolutely LOVE everything that comes in them and the products always become my new favorite treasures.  Filled with sustainable and ethically-made products, CauseBox is a top choice for a year filled with eco giving.
The boxes contain things like organic throws, super cute jewelry, candles, and always spotlight work from a woman artist.  With over $200 worth of eco products, the $50/season price tag is quite the deal.  

heart in oregon reusable air fresheners smells like pine tree made of cedar wood and sustainable vegan eco essential and fragrance oils on a bed of pine needles by wooly beast naturals

Eco Air (and Tree) Fresheners by Wooly Beast Naturals: These air fresheners by Wooly Beast are made from natural cedar wood planks, felt, and a blend of essential and fine fragrances free of the nasty chemicals.  Each one comes with a refillable bottle to drop the oils onto the felt. These are a great choice for an eco-friendly gift.  I like to hang them all over my reusable artificial Christmas tree so that it smells like a fresh cut pine tree.  This would also be a perfect stocking stuffer for any parent who's car/van likely smells like gym socks, old food, and the occasional dirty cloth diaper.  #minivanlife (I speak from experience, unfortunately).  Best part is?  Wooly Beast will plant a tree for every 15 fresheners purchased.  


Clarity Cannabis Essential Oil Blend by Make & Mary: Make & Mary is an amazing company that uses full spectrum, sun grown Cannabis from Oregon.  Everything is vegan, organic, pesticide and solvents free, third party tested, and non-gmo.  Their packaging is all plastic free and they're certified by Leaping Bunny, which means that no animal testing was used in the development of their products. Clarity is a personal favorite and my go-to for stressful times.  It helps with headaches, relaxation, stuffy sinuses, and even with renewed energy and focus.  

wooden mountain earrings on a woman's ear by veil and dagger

Eco Wood Jewelry from Veil + Dagger: This is, by far, my top choice for jewelry. Veil + Dagger's jewelry is all made from sustainable wood etched with unique designs.  I wear my Little Mountain earrings daily and get compliments on them almost as often.  I'm also a big fan of my "diamond" wooden earrings since they aren't actually diamonds and fit my personality way better than any fancy bling would.  


Plastic Free Reusable Storage Bags from Stasher: These reusable bags are top of the line and the best that I've tried.  They're dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer, stovetop, and even oven-safe!  Made from pure platinum silicone, they are free from plastic, BPS and BPS, and hypoallergetic.  This women-owned certified B corporation will now be my top choice for all my on-the-go meals and snacks.   


Solmate Socks: These socks with a soul are cozy, vibrant, and warm.  I love their concept of providing a "spare" sock for kids because, let's face it, kids loose socks....a lot.  Even better, you can mix and match the socks if you can't find a matching pair in your drawer.  For the holidays, I particularly love the Humbug socks for the kids and the Mistletoe for me...honestly, I'm wearing mine a little too often this holiday season.  The gift sets are also really great for gifts. These socks are the perfect partner for your Birkenstocks.  Crafted in the Portland, Oregon from recycled cotton, they promote sustainable practices.  After all, “Life’s too short for matching socks.” We couldn't agree more.  



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