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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time again. We've scoured the many small businesses out there to bring you the best of the best in eco friendly holiday gifts. This year we expanded our search a bit and found so many amazing small businesses doing good for our bodies and our planet.

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Eco Bedding

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed which is a considerable amount of time if you think about it. In an attempt to detoxify our home, we needed a major overhaul on our bedding a few years back. During this time, we really went down the rabbit hole on learning about how toxic most bedding is. It's hard to imagine that many bed sheets and blankets contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, AZO dyes, Alidicarb, and Parathion. Formaldehyde, for example, is linked to short-term health problems like skin irritation and respiratory problems. In the long term, formaldehyde is linked to cancer, and listed as a known human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program. So, what better gift can you give this year to yourself and those you love than to provide a toxic-free night's sleep?


This year's forest bed scene was inspired by the look and feel of eco linen. Clementine Threads is one of our favorites!They use high quality and long-lasting Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics. What's Oeko-Tex you might ask? To attin Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. This gorgeous forest bedding is their  European flax linen duvet set which is packaged using zero waste materials. They produce their sheets directly at source. This means that once the flax is sourced, their mill threads and sews the bedding within the same area which assures that they limit their carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels in transportation.

We found another company that we can really get behind as well. Whole Linens uses sustainable Oeko-Tex 100 stonewashed French linen fabrics while also keeping their prices affordable. We especially love the feel of the duvet cover and sheets and the look of their blush and natural colors. If you're looking for the organic and cozy vibes that linen can provide while also wanting chemical free bedding, you've found it in Whole Linens.

And if you're in the market for the softest sheets you've ever experienced, check out these 100% Bamboo Sheets from Metta Home. They feel like silk, but are a more sustainable option. My hair and face are loving these sheets right now.

Eco Sweets

If you think I went down a rabbit hole with the bedding, then you don't even want to know about the journey of cleaning up our cabinets. It started with a trickle - hearing about red dye #40 and thinking,"But I love Twizzlers too much!" Moderation is key, right? And then kids enter the picture and it started to pour. We literally had medical doctors from one of the top hospitals in the Pacific Northwest tell us to cut all artificial dyes and flavors out of our oldest child's diet completely. Apparently, it can actually make your child's behavior worse and increase hyperactivity. The worst part is that they also increase inflammation and can disrupt functioning of the immune system, contain cancer-causing toxic contaminants, and may even cause cancerous tumor development!


I don't know about you, but that's enough for me to put down the Twizzlers and choose a more natural alternative. The hard part? The food industry dumps 15 million pounds of artificial dyes into our food every year—over 40% of which is Red Dye 40, a petroleum-based substance. This doesn't make it easy to find alternatives. One product, cotton candy, was especially hard to source without all of these nasties. This just happens to be one of our child's favorite sweets so I was on a mission.

When finding Chocolate Storybook, I could finally say "Mission Accomplished." Some of their flavors like Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Bean fit the bill perfectly with no artificial colorings and flavors.

We'd be remiss if we didn't include chocolate in our guide this year. The vegan hot chocolate bombs by Etheral Chocolate are literally 'the bomb.' You can pick these up at The Curated Pantry and use code 'STOCKINGSTUFFER' for 10% off, which makes it even sweeter. These bombs are made of an organic dark chocolate shell filled with organic hot cocoa and marshmallows. And get this - you slowly pour hot milk over the chocolate shell, and watch it melt away into delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows! These would make an amazing gift for anyone, but especially children. This is like an activity and treat all in one - done and done.

These lollipops by Alissa Sophia Studios are simple and naturally gorgeous. These Edible Flower Lollipops taste refreshing and are calming with a blend of organic peppermint and lavender essential oils. We love that the organic flowers that are used are handpicked from their very own farm! These would make the perfect non-toxic (and even calming) stocking stuffer or Hanukkah treat.

Harry Potter Fan Favorites

We are big Potterheads in this household. I can't say that I ever read them when they came out in the 90's, but I loved the movies. I have really enjoyed reading them (twice) with our oldest and am officially converted. So, this year, we thought we'd include these items for those Potter fans in your life (and there are a lot of them out there).


I was really sad to hear that this shop, DAHQ (Dumbledore's Army Headquarters), is closing their etsy shop. The only good news about this is that everything in this shop is 25% off right now! I love everything about their shop from the moody Hogwarts-inspired photography to the high-quality designs and products. I was also shocked at how heavy and realistic this 24 carat coin was and think it'd make the perfect stocking stuffer. These DA Recruitment T-Shirts are also really unique and perfect for the Wizarding World fan. All of their items come packaged as if they were sent straight from the most upscale shop in Diagon Alley and are even wax sealed with a Deathly Hallows stamp. Honestly, the packaging is a gift in and of itself for a Potter fan.

We even found the perfect idea for storing a treasure such as this coin. This handmade treasure chest by Joker is etched with "Chamber of Secrets," but they will etch whatever you would like on it. This would make a great gift for anyone hoping to lock up their treasures. We love that they attempt to source all of their materials as locally as possible and package them using very little plastic.

Handmade Ceramics

You might be wondering how and why ceramics are considered eco-friendly and I just so happen to be happy to tell you. First, ceramic pieces are composed of natural clay and other plentiful raw materials so their production does not require the exploitation of any other natural resources. Also, ceramics are a sustainable product because they are more durable and longer lasting. I don't know about you, but I treasure my handmade ceramic pieces because I know how much work goes into them (another reason why you RARELY see these pieces in secondhand stores).


We found Glass Room Pottery on Etsy and immediately saw the love behind these products. But when we received them and actually used them, we were hooked! The pasta bowl is literally my new favorite bowl for pasta, ramen, soup, and salads. I also use the jar and the mug every morning for my sugar and coffee. And despite the fact that ceramics NEVER go on sale, they have generously provided 15% off orders of $35 or more between Nov. 20 and Dec. 20 with code 'WOOLYBEAST15'.

The breakfast bowl and plate set from Eat With Your Eyes Pottery is our new favorite choice for this homemade museli that we eat in the mornings. As stoneware and materials come from earth, these are naturally very sustainable. We love that this company goes above and beyond recycling any clay that is not fired, re-using clay water multiple times, and making their own glaze using all non-toxic foodsafe minerals.

One of a Kind Journal

There are so many benefits to journaling and so many different ways to journal (mood, gratitude, and meditation to name a few). Why not do so sustainably?
One way to do this is by purchasing a re-purposed or upcycled one like the one pictured by Postscript Journal Co. I love that these journals are handbound and covered by old book covers so that these books can be given a new life. What magic will you create in these empty time capsules?


Cocktail Bitters

Any true cocktail lover knows the importance of bitters. But some may ask - what are bitters? Bitters are made by infusing a neutral spirit with any number of aromatics, including spices, tree bark, roots, seeds, fruits, etc. They add an essence of flavor, complexity, and aroma to your cocktail. Even before cocktails were imagined into existence, bitters were used for medicinal purposes. In fact, my first experience with bitters was in a favorite little family-owned apothecary in my old neighborhood of Lincoln Square in Chicago, IL.


Our favorite drink is the Old Fashioned and we are whiskey lovers in the Wooly Beast house. So, when we found these Old Fashioned Bitters by Vena's Fizz House, it was love at first sight. This lovely blend of orange and spices is made with with all natural and organic ingredients, which we love. It's the perfect compliment to this classic cocktail and really takes your standard Old Fashioned up a few notches. This Old Fashioned Kit by Dugan and Dame would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a classic cocktail. The best part? Use code 'WOOLY10' for 10% off of your order!

If you want a bit more variety, go for Warn Reserve Bitters' variety pack. These handmade small batch artisinal bitters are made in Boise, Idaho and they source locally when possible. Another great option is Dugan and Dame's Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack if you're looking for a great all-around gift for the cocktail lover. Using only wildcrafted, organic, and small batch ingredients, they rank top on our list. We also love that this company is run by a holistic nutritionist. They are also plastic-free and compost all spent botanicals.

Eco Bathroom Supplies

This may seem like an odd section to include in an eco gift guide. However, I love giving useful gifts that people actually need. In my mind, it means that the practical gift will be used and reduces the possible waste of silly gag gifts. I fill stockings with deodorant, toothbrushes, and soap among other things. 


So, when we found these eco toothbrushes, I was really excited! The owner of RD Hopes is a dental hygenist on a mission. Being in the dental field, she sees how much plastic is wasted and wants to change this. We couldn't agree more and plan to be her biggest supporter (you can do so as well by using promo code 'GIFTGUIDE2021' which will provide you with a 15% discount). These bamboo toothbrushes are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They are packaged in kraft paper boxes, wrapped in hand-stamped tissue paper, and sealed with personalized paper tape and a kraft paper shipping label.

To go along with these new eco toothbrushes, you can add these zero waste Tooth Nibs by Scent Cerae to the mix. I've been meaning to try these and get away from all of the WASTE from plastic toothpaste containers. These were voted as one of the best cruelty free & vegan zero waste toothpaste brands by Sustainable Jungle. With fun flavors like mint chocolate chip and star anise, what child or adult wouldn't love them? Also, side note - did you know how many crazy chemicals are in your regular toothpaste tube? For example, fluoride is a neurotoxin which, in high doses, can be harmful. Not a single biological process has been shown to require fluoride though there is extensive evidence that fluoride can interfere with many important biological processes interfering with numerous enzymes. These tooth nibs have no flouride, among other things, and are all natural so you don't need to worry.

Cotton swabs.....Don't think much of them, right? Until recently, I forgot all about how un-sustainable these little guys can be. But they are just another product that we all use (and dispose of) leading to a mass of waste. Tara Khan Designs has reimagined the cotton swab into an eco friendly and sustainable version. These cotton swabs are made from bamboo and organic cotton and fully biodegradable, plastic-free, and zero-waste. We won't be going backwards after discovering these perfect practical stocking stuffers.

Good towels are hard to come by. It's a perfect blend of the fluffy new towel and the broken-in used ones that Larry David toutes as the only ones that get him dry. I would agree with him on this. You can't have a towel that is too fluffy or it just feels all wrong. These bamboo towels by Metta Home are so luxurious, soft, and supple that you could sleep in them. Because bamboo is basically a fast-growing grass, it makes for an extremely sustainable fabric option. It also requires no fertilization and self-regenerates from it's own roots (we personally know this as it just so happened to completely take over our previous home, even getting under our driveway).

Eco Travel

We are probably the least eco-friendly when in a hurry or on the go, which can lead to a mass of waste. These products by Tara Khan Designs will help you to start bringing your own lunch and snacks on the go. 


These reusable travel sandwich and snack bags will help to reduce or eliminate your need to use paper bags, Ziplocs, or aluminum foil to pack your snacks. This zero waste Travel Cutlery Set is the perfect gift for anyone really. Whether it be for your child's lunch or maybe it's so you can start bringing your lunch to work or even for a picnic, this set helps reduce your need to use plastic cutlery.

Eco Bath Products

Bath Bombs are a really fun experience making bathtime that much more enjoyable for adults and children alike. Bath bombs are single-use blends of smoothing, fragrant extracts and oils that you can toss in your tub before bath time causing a fizzing effect in your bath. 


Shine Bright Naturals really knows how to make them beautiful and effective while also sourcing eco-conscious materials. My skin was so smooth and refreshed after soaking up the Peppermint Dreams Bath Bomb. There are so many good scents and experiences such as the Relaxed Mind Bath Bomb. However, I think a collection of the holiday scents would make such an amazing gift. Try Mulled Wine and Tis' the Season Christmas bath bombs with organic ingredients and biodegradable glitter for a special holiday treat.

Another great gift is a Relaxation Bath Soak by Rooted Earth Farm which is paramount to getting through the holidays and winter. This mix is made with organic lavender, rose petals, and hops to help provide a restful night's sleep.

Finally, bath salts are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. These bath salts by Honeywild Apothecary are gorgeous and filled with organic goodness. I love pouring them into a ceramic dish and sitting them near my bathtub - however, it doesn't last that long because it makes me want to use them almost immediately.

Eco Body Product

HoneyWild. They source all of their ingredients consciously by using organic ingredients whenever possible and choosing sustainable options that protect the earth. They grow their own flowers and herbs and forage wild resources when possible on their five acre property. All of the honey and beeswax used in their products is produced responsibly on their farm, or by a neighboring beekeeper. This season, The Everything Balm will be your new bestie. With organic and local ingredients, it will save your skin from winter itself.


Another amazing option is this Rose Petal Salve by Rooted Earth. They infuse rose petals grown on their very own farm and add these to organic hemp seed, olive, castor oils, organic beeswax, vitamin e, and pure rose absolute. My babies and I have been slathering it all over our bodies during this time of year and love the faint smell of roses.

And for when times aren't as dry, try the Organic Lotion Bar by Honey Wild. This plastic free packaged bar is made of organic mango butter, organic grapeseed oil, organic sweet almond oil, local beeswax, vitamin E oil, organic essential oil. Another favorite is Freewheelin's Beeswax Lotion Bar. With a variety of natural options, you can choose your own scent which makes it kind of like choosing your own adventure of smells.

Fancy soap isn't all just talk. First of all, most handmade soap doesn't contain all of those nasty chemicals. Why is this even important? It just so happens that your skin is your largest organ22 square feet on average—and 60 percent of the substances you put on it are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. Another important thing about handmade soap like soap made by Wooly Beast Naturals is that it lasts a lot longer, gets you squeeky clean without drying you out, you can use it to shave with, and you can even use it to wash your hair! These cruelty and plastic-free bars of soap make the perfect stocking stuffer or White Elephant gift. With names like Dirty Hipster and Winter Wonderland you can find something for everyone on your list.

Finally, the most important body product in that stocking? It's the deodorant. I said it. Yes, you smell. We all do. Maybe this sends the wrong message, but it always gets a chuckle. Either way, it's rough out there finding deodorants that actually work while also being in plastic free containers. This eco friendly and compostable deodorant by Freewheelin' meets all of these goals and more.


I may be dating myself here, but I still have my nameplate necklace (circa 1994).

So, needless to say, when I received this new updated minimalist version, I was so excited! This 14k gold plated over stainless steel nameplate would make the perfect gift for anyone wanting to relive the 90's. If you know someone who is always 'on trend', check out Essenza's entire etsy shop. I am a big fan of this minimalist dome 18k gold plated ring. Another fun brand is MX Jewelry for trendy options. These Molten Magma earrings and ring are really statement pieces.

Another wonderful gift that can help someone express themselves by way of their jewelry is this tarot card necklace from Dianella Jewelry Store. I love layering mine with other necklaces.

Have you ever heard of jewelry for your hair? Well HakNik makes that possible in a very beautiful way with this Crescent Moon Leather Celestial Hair Comb. This adds a simple flair to anything you wear and is a great gift for anyone on your list who's going for major witch vibes.

This wildcrafted jewelry by Wild Bits in collaboration with Veil + Dagger makes the perfect gift for that nature lover in your life. Most of the wildcrafted items (such as Ghost Pipes, mushrooms, and moss) are foraged from the woods on their 5 acre farm in the foothills of the Pacific Northwest. These items are carefully placed in resin and housed in geometric wooden vessels etched by Veil and Dagger. Use code '2021GIFTGUIDE' for 15% off of your order.

Eco Crafts

These Solar Printing Kits by Elemental Leaf are the perfect gift for the crafting child or buddy in your life. You can make lovely botanical prints by simply exposing them in the sunlight and processing them in water. Afterwards, you have very framable and one-of-a-kind natural works of art.

Eco Skin and Facial Hair Care

Honeywild makes my new favorite cleanser. This Organic Facial Oil Cleanser is as gorgeous as it is efficient. Oil cleansing is a time respected method, and helps restore your skin's natural balance. And this simply irrisistible Organic Rosewater Night Cream by Honeywild is soft and smooth without feeling greasy. I have been using mine nightly since it arrived and I am converted.

Let's not forget the importance of your lips during winter. Honeywild also makes a really amazing lip balm that feels fresh and soft on your lips (this also happens to be a great stocking stuffer). This lip balm by Freewheelin' is handcrafted using tons of natural and nourishing ingredients. What we love the most about these balms are that they are housed in eco-friendly, compostable, and plastic-free tubes!

The benefits of using beard oil are that it conditions your beard and skin, tames beard frizz, helps with beard growth, makes your beard appear shinier and fuller, and creates a long-lasting and irresistible scent. This new beard oil by Veil and Dagger has an amazing name, is completely natural, and uses only essential oils, almond, argan, and coconut oils. Cult Leader also adds the flavor of mind control in there so that's worth it's weight in gold. Use discount code 'CULTLEADER' for 15% off any of their beard oils.

Eco Makeup

You are what you put on your face. Since 2009, 595 cosmetics manufacturers have reported using 88 chemicals, in more than 73,000 products, that have been linked to cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. Most people have makeup on for over 8 hours/day. Do the math.

My new favorite eco-conscious makeup is Moonrise Creek. They are a planet wise, animal friendly, low impact, earth conscious company. Their packaging is gorgeous and their products WORK! I've been wearing the Translucent Face Powder and the coverage is natural and perfect. I don't know about you, but makeup like these pencil eye liners are top on my list for stocking stuffers each year.

Our new friends over at Honeywild also make a lovely tinted lip balm. For those times when lipstick is just too much, these double duty tinted lip balms are the go-to for this busy working mom of three. I have to admit that I am feeling a bit nostalgic with their Palmarosa tinted lip balm. It's giving me all the feels of my favorite lipstick in the 90's - Clinque's Black Honey. It's a bit lighter than Black Honey, but it is much more moisturizing, all organic, and in a recyclable container.

Finally, River Organics Beauty is a diamond in the rough and I am sold on their eco-conscious practices and products. They use post consumer recycled paper packaging that is compostable. All of their labels are sugar cane based and compostable including seal tabs, and they ship zero waste in eco-enclosed compostable envelopes. As if that weren't enough, they donate monthly to Plastic Ocean Project and the Coral Restoration Foundation as well as offer 'Carbon Checkout', in which donations received at checkout go towards purchasing Carbon Offsets which they match! And the biggest bonus of all - is that their products are amazing! This Zero Waste Concealer is an eco mama's best friend. It's Certified Organic moisturizing and protective plant oils make this my new top pick for stocking stuffers. Also, their lip stains are amazing - my newest constant companion. The best part is that you can use the discount code 'LEAVES' for 15% off of your order!

Advent Calendar

One of our kids' favorite traditions every holiday season is to open their advent calendars every day until Christmas. We love finding unique ones that fit their interests each year, but why not treat the adult in your life (or yourself) to one as well? This one by Philosophy Christmas is the perfect combination of tea and philosophy quotes. Good news is that you can compost or recycle all parts of this one after all the treats are retrieved.

We love the idea of getting a reusable one made from natural materials and adding whatever goodies you choose. Etsy has a wide variety of these options or, if you're handy, you can even make your own.

Eco Health Drinks

We have been long-time fans of Coco Glow products. These herbal beauty foods are great for your hair, skin, and body while also tasting AMAZING. They include something called adaptogens. I must admit that I didn't even know what the word adaptogen was until discovering this product. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that are marketed as helping the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological. Studies have found that they even exhibit neuroprotective, antidepressive, anxiolytic, nootropic and CNS stimulating activity, and exert an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental work capacity, particularly in tolerance to mental exhaustion and enhanced attention.

Their classic is a blend of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, hormone balancing maca and lucuma, nutrient-dense adaptogens, and tonifying Chinese herbs that nourish the body from the inside out. I put it in my coffee every morning and my kids drink it with a little added local honey as hot cocoa. Another favorite is the Daily Broth. This savory blend is filled with nutrient-dense adaptogens, powerful mushrooms, and nourishing Chinese herbs that support a healthy glow from the inside out. I drink this or the Daily Detox each afternoon. It's become a bit of a healthy ritual that I can look forward to, especially on these short and dank days.

Another wonderful seasonal support is the reimagined folk medicine of fire cider. Fire cider is a type of oxymel, which is an herbal remedy. Fire cider is said to restore and invigorate one’s system, and additionally, many claim it has benefits that include boosting energy, warding off colds and flus, easing sinus congestion, lowering blood sugar, curbing cravings, and aiding digestion. We discovered Mickelberry Gardens at the Portland's Farmers Market. They have a variety of products, but we really love the Fire Cider during this time of the year. They use certified organic honey and whole organic herbs direct from local farmers.


Unlike Ted Lasso, I understand that tea can be much more than "hot, brown water." The folks over at Floris Naturals know good tea. Their tea samplers would make a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. They support organic agriculture as much as they can and their products are handmade in small batches.

Another amazing small tea business is LoveY Energy. Their loose leaf tea starter kits are great gifts for tea lovers and have amazing names such as "Lucid Dreaming" and "Empath Goddess." There are also many calming blends for this stressful time of the year, which feels essential to keeping your immune system in check.

If you're looking for a special festive gift, check out SVF Herbs on etsy. Their Christmas Blend (Fruity) and Christmas Tea Set by Acorus come in cute boxes that are already packaged for the season which makes gift giving easy peasy.

Finally, after all is said and done, if the holidays are causing some major exhaustion and you're having trouble catching zzz's, check out Rooted Earth's Dreamy Sleep Herbal Tea. Let the good dreams flow!

Eco Toys

When I discovered Fairy Shadow, I felt like I stepped into some whimsical version of childhood filled with little woolen creatures in the forest. All of their heirloom-quality Waldorf toys are handmade and are sure to inspire hours of playtime. We really love that their handwork is accomplished in a daily sewing circle or with their sewing machine powered by the sun (fun fact - they're living their best sustainable life off the grid). Their toys are all lovely, but some really found an extra special place in our hearts. These Autumn Golden Leaf Ornaments remind us of one of our favorite books, By the Light of the Harvest Moon. Another favorite is this super cute Small Mouse Necklace which has quickly become a constant companion on our little one. Finally, these special little critters made from wood and wool are so precious and perfect for tiny hands and creative play.

These kits by Kid Kits USA are the perfect gift for any child. Our children can busy themselves for half the day with these kits which is a gift for the parents in and of itself. We are especially in love with the Happy Camper kit, but other popular ones are the Rainbow Unicorn and Treasure Island Pirate kits. The best part is that the owner was willing to accept a custom order and went above and beyond to source more eco-friendly packaging for the toys (as pictured). For an additional cost, you can now upgrade your box to the wooden option to reduce plastic consumption.

Eco Sensory Learning Tools

We are very tactile in this household and sensory experiences are essential for our kids. But sensory play isn't just for certain kids and it has many benefits. Sensory play is defined as play activities that stimulate children's senses. Exposing children to various sensory experiences is necessary for a young brain to develop the proper sensory processing capabilities. When a child is allowed to use multiple senses to accomplish a task, they tend to learn more from the experience and retain more information.


So, when shopping for that special child in your life, take a look at materials that engage multiple senses. We love the many Montessori-inspired open-ended play toys from Playful Petalz Boutique. This Sensory Bin Wooden Toy Kit has everything your little one needs to get started on a world of imagination and fun. It's made of maple wood and organic wood sealer which makes it a great eco-friendly gift.


Another amazing option for sensory play is dough. Whimsical Dough is one of our favorites. They come in glass jars (and are plastic-free) and use 100% essential oils. They always have great colors and scents that are festive for the season as well.

This Christmas Play Dough Set smells amazing and is the perfect gift for a special little one this year. YaYa Eco Design play dough is made from scratch, using only natural and organic ingredients. They even sell an array of eco additives and tools like biodegradable Bio Glitter made from plants and as well as biodegradable plastic cutters.

Eco Clothing

Organic and eco conscious clothing is always at the top of my list every holiday season. Clothing is considered ethical and sustainable if it uses less insecticides and pesticides, uses less water, avoids the use of gmo seeds, is renewable, is recycled/upcycled, is durable, and/or does not release microplastics.


Hemp is a great eco-friendly option. It's sustainable because it's the strongest natural fibre to be cultivated, it's a reusable natural resource, and it can be grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. And did you know that it's naturally UV protective? One of our new favorite hemp-based eco-friendly clothing company's is Asatre. These joggers are my new favorite item of clothing and let's be clear, I will not be jogging in them. However, I will be doing literally everything else in them. I am not going to lie when I say that I have not taken them off since they arrived. And the fact that they are UPF 45+ makes them even better! I might just need to take up a bit more biking to wear these amazing pocketed bike shorts (goals?). Finally, these jersey shorts remind me of my favorite pair that I wore so much that the elastic stopped working. Best part? They're eco-friendly. Use code 'Wooly15' for 15% off of your order.

Another wonderful small business that we recently discovered is Aurelian. They use certified Oeko-Tex 100, GOTS, and Organic 100 hemp in their products. This shirt, "Make Hemp Great Again" is just one of their many designs. If you prefer to get someone a a really nice set of basic shirts, try this stack of 5 organic hemp shirts. Use HOOT10 to get 10% off!


We have been huge fans of Mightly from early on in the pandemic due to their amazing organic face masks for children. So when we discovered that they carry matching organic family pajamas, they were a natural choice. If you're looking for a perfect eco-conscious Christmas morning picture, look no further. Mightly uses 100% organic cotton that is GOTS and Fair Trade certified, which makes it feel even more warm and fuzzy. I don't know about you, but we make an active effort to buy organic clothing due to the impact on the earth and our bodies.

Wool Products

Wool is a sustainable fabric because it's natural, renewable, and doesn't shed microplastics. It's also extremely durable leading to heirloom quality items that are passed down from generation to generation.
When clothing your feet, look to The Earth Mode for organic cotton and hemp socks. These unisex socks are good for both the planet and you using only organic materials and natural color dyes.


Looking for a cat gift? This cat cave by HausSimpleWool is our cat's new favorite place to hide out. They even come with a cute little wool mouse.

They also make some of the best wool slippers I've ever come across. These Danish-inspired slippers use insulating sheep wool to keep your toes toasty warm and dry with natural wicking properties.

Have you ever used Wool Dryer Balls? The benefits are as follows: you avoid fabric conditioners which leave a noticeable amount of chemicals on your family's clothing and reduced dryer time saves money on utilities and wear and tear on your machine. The best part is that they are sustainable and use fair-trade practices

Eco Candles

We saved the best for last....Limited Edition soy candles by Wooly Beast Naturals! Okay, okay, we know that we're a bit biased. Our candles utilize highly blended essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils, making them extremely unique. The wax is made of 100% U.S. grown soy, is vegan, and is cruelty free.


With names like Tattoos and Cutoffs, Coffee in the Rain, and Tipsy in Willamette there is something for everyone on your list. There are even some fun seasonally-inspired limited edition candles like Christmas Hearth, Peppermint Bark, and Autumn Harvest. And who doesn't love candles during this time of year? Use code '2021ECOGIFTGUIDE' for 15% off your order.


So, this year choose to shop small. And maybe this is new to you. Maybe Amazon just feels easier or Walmart is more affordable. And that's okay. But maybe you can start small - buy ONE gift from ONE small business this year. Every bit counts.

Happy Holidays!

-The Wooly Beast Team


Complete List of Brand websites and discount codes!

HakNik - Celestial Hair Clip

Eat With Ur Eyes Pottery - Breakfast Bowl + Plate

Glass Room Pottery - Mug, pasta bowl, covered dish
WOOLY15 for 15% off

Tara Khan Designs - Cotton swabs, Travel cutlery set, Reusable bags

DAHQ - Harry Potter 24K Gold Coin

Haus Simple Wool
- Dryer balls, cat cave, + wool slippers

Elemental Leaf - Solar printing craft kit

Honeywild Apothecary
Bath salts, lip balm, lip stains, lotion bar, night face cream

Rooted Earth Farm
- Bath soak, bedtime tea, + salve

Shine Bright Natural - Bath bombs

River Organics Beauty - Lip stains
LEAVES for 15%

Moonrise Creek - Translucent Face Powder

Mightly Me - Organic family holiday pajamas

Asatre Co - Organic joggers, bike shorts, + jersey shorts

Aurelian - Organic hemp t-shirt
HOOT10 to get 10% off

The Earth Mode - Organic cotton/hemp socks

The Curated Pantry - Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate Storybook - Cotton Candy

Alissa Sophia Studio - Floral Lollipops

Postscript Journal Co - Journal

YaYa Eco Design - Play Dough

Playful Petalz btg - Maple Wood Sensory Bin

Whimsical Dough - Play Dough

Dianella Jewelry Store - Tarot Card Necklace

MX Jewel - Magma Earrings and Ring

Jewel Vers - Chunky Hoop Earrings

Essenza Jewelry - Dome Ring in Gold

Wild Bits - Wildcrafted Necklace

Philosophy Christmas - Advent Calendar

Kid Kits USA - Sensory Toy Kit

3 Star Joker - Custom Etched Treasure Chest

Fairy Shadow - Wool Waldorf toys

LoveY Energy - Tea

SVF Herbs/Acorus - Tea

Floris Naturals - Tea

Mickelberry Gardens - Fire Cider

Coco Glow - Plant Based Daily Health Drinks

RDHopes - Compostable bamboo toothbrushes
Giftguide2021 for 15% off

Metta Home - Bamboo Towels and Sheets

Warn Reserve Bitters - Bitters

Dugan and Dame - Cocktail Bitters and Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit
wooly10 for 10% off

Vena's Fizz House - Bitters

Whole Linens - Oeko-Tex Linen sheets + duvet comforter

Free Wheelin Market - Plastic-free lotion bar, deodorant, lip balm

Clementine Threads - Oeko-Tex Linen Duvet

VEIL & DAGGER - Natural Beard Oil
2021ECOGIFTGUIDE for 15% off

Wooly Beast Naturals - Eco Soy Candles
2021ECOGIFTGUIDE for 15% off

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