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2022 Annual Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

We have scoured small businesses and makers for the best handmade, unique, and eco-friendly products and experiences to bring you our 4th annual Eco-Friendly 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Enjoy, and please support these local makers and small business owners by purchasing their wares, leaving them reviews, following them on social media, commenting, and telling all your friends. Every little bit really helps all of us small business owners and makers. Have a wonderful holiday season, now let's get scrolling...

Gifts for lovers of Hygge

We’ve compiled a list of all of our favorite eco hygge gifts. Hygge is a Scandinavian term used to describe coziness, contentment, and comfort. Hygge items evoke a sense of inner wellbeing. Imagine the scene - a roaring fireplace, fuzzy sweaters, warm flickering candlelight, hot cocoa on a chilly winter night, overstuffed sofas, and furry blankets…this is hygge. This guide is perfect for anyone this time of year since we could all use a little more hygge in our lives.

For the Nomads

We’ve searched far and near to find the perfect gifts for that nomad in your life. A nomad can be defined as a person who has no fixed home and/or moves according to seasons. In essence, nomads are wanderers, explorers. Maybe you have a friend or loved one who is part of the #vanlife or #skoolie movements. Maybe you’re gifting for a traveler or someone who moves often for whatever reason. This guide is perfect for that nomad in your life who appreciates living sustainably and using eco-friendly products.

A gift given in love has the power to wipe out any storm

- Jennifer Betts

For the Foodies

We have gathered our favorite eco-friendly gifts that would be perfect for the sustainably-minded foodie in your life. A foodie is defined as a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating, cooking, or for pleasure. You know them….they are one of the first in line to try the newest amethyst dust glazed donut. They eat, breathe, dream, and talk food 24/7. They are always sending you complex recipes that look devine, but that you’ll never find the time to do (they, of course, have already made it). They never eat at a place unless it has a five-star rating and turn their nose up to goat cheese salads (because that was so 2005). And, being that they are also eco-conscious, they might actually visit the very farm that Colin the chicken lived happily on before consuming a bite of him or his happy little siblings.    

For the Kids

Do you have a kid on your shopping list this year and want to avoid buying into breakable and disposable toys that will end up in the junkyard? Maybe you’re shopping for your own kid(s) and are tired of tripping over all of the plastic. Either way, we’ve got your eco kid gifts covered!

Gifts for Him

We have compiled a list of the very best sustainable gifts for that special guy in your life. Whether he’s into smelling nice or a person that is hard to shop for since he ‘has it all’, we’ve got something for everyone.

Gifts for Her

We have picked out the best eco-friendly gifts for that special lady in your life this year. It’s like Oprah’s favorite things list, but instead of being sponsored by a monopoly that is damaging the environment, our list focuses on supporting small businesses who have made a commitment to sustainability. 

Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

We have searched the internet and locally for the best sustainable cocktail products. This guide is perfect for that cocktail mixologist or connoisseur in your life. You don’t have to sacrifice being eco conscious to enjoy a good cocktail!

Gifts for Magick Lovers

If you are looking for that perfect eco conscious gift for your favorite magick lover, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, it might surprise you to know that many pagans take the saying mother earth to heart. Many pagans believe that the spirit lies in nature leading some to worship these gods. Also, many pagans celebrate the wheel of the year, consisting of eight holidays (or sabbats), which focuses on the seasons and cycles of life.

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