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Holiday Gifts for Her

This guide is filled with all things that your special she/her-pronouned lovely will treasure. In truth, there is something for everyone in this guide as it spans all genders and interests. The general theme is that these gifts are all eco-friendly and sustainable and absolutely beautiful.


Deep Field Aromatics

Fragrance is so personal. Fragrance is also tied so strongly to memories. So, all-in-all, fragrance matters. The folks at Deep Field Aromatics make absolutely beautiful and natural, botanical perfumes that will linger. Their Ochre perfume is earthy, woodsy, and a new favorite at Wooly Beast.   Laniakea is also really lovely and would make a perfect gift. It reminds me of growing up in a sunkissed subtropical place. If you have any rose lovers in your life, check out Rose No. 2. We really love this description and could not have said it better: “This perfume comes to life in whispers; it will blossom and change, displaying its many moods and subtleties as it is warmed by your skin.” 

Priya Means Love

We also really love ADK Natural Forest Perfume by Priya Means Love. Inspired by the Adirondacks and walking through a fresh forest, this perfume develops over time. As hikers, we love this natural perfume because it feels like morning dew, fresh earth, and woodsy evergreen.


Honeywild Apothecary

We are big fans of Honeywild Apothecary so much! So much so they made our list again this year. Why are they so great? They source all of their ingredients consciously using organic ingredients when possible and choosing sustainable options that protect the earth. They grow their own flowers and herbs when the climate allows, and forage wild resources whenever possible on their five acre property. All of the honey and beeswax used in their products is produced responsibly on their farm, or by a neighboring beekeeper. The best part? Their products really work! We love their new body butters and think that the naturally-scented Frankincense Lavender is divine and super moisturizing.

J & L Naturals

We also really love J & L Naturals since they are a zero waste, cruelty free, and ethical business. We adore that their Skin Masks are geared towards specific skin needs because, in reality, our faces do not need a one-size-all-fits approach. We like to start with the mask and then move onto the serum and end with the salve. Their Calm Skin Serum, also specific to your needs, really glides on smoothly creating an excellent base layer to really lock in the moisture and benefits. Their Face Salve is also a fast favorite as it really does wonders for that dry winter skin we struggle with.

Priya Means Love

We love this Pomegranate Eye Serum by Priya Means Love. It eases puffiness and minimizes under eye circles which, as parents of young kids, we could use buckets full of this.


We also really love the concept of ancestral skincare by ISHQ. The best part? This moisturizer, Taareef Tulsi, is organic and seasonally-inspired.  


Wellness goes beyond a way of life. It is what you put on, in, and around your body. It is a mental, physical, and spiritual experience. It is holistic and preventative endeavors and everything matters.

Oko Living

One very important step we’ve made towards wellness is a yoga practice. This Chakra Energy Herbal Yoga Mat by Oko Living really brings a sense of joy from within. And it really can make you feel good on different levels; you can feel at peace with the fact that it is organic and uses herbal dyes which are better for the planet and for you.  

Luna Delgado Botanicals

Luna Delgado Botanicals will take your daily wellness rituals up a notch with their non-toxic, cruelty-free, and organic products geared toward the individual. Know anyone who is going through menopause? This Cool Your Jets Body Mist is a natural alternative to help with hot flashes. Using aromatherapy, this spray cools you off instantly. They also have a spray called Immune Awake Body Mist that is great for travel as well as for cold and flu season. Their Nasya Oil can also be used as a nasal oil to prevent dryness, allergens, and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Side note - it also helps with snoring which flows into the area of sleep (maybe more for one’s partner). The quality of sleep that you get is a huge part of wellness. Another thing that can feel like a struggle this time of year is sleep. Their Deeper Sleep Cream is a dream; you just rub a bit on the soles of your feet before bed and the natural ingredients get to work allowing you to get a deeper sleep. Even better, pair this cream with their RESTore Pillow Spray for your dreamiest night ever!  


Blinking Owl Acres

Blinking Owl Acres makes an amazing Foot Spa Kit and happens to be a bestseller during this time of year. It would surely be a great gift for a weary traveler or for someone who enjoys pampering themself with something special and eco-friendly. The kit comes with jars of Foot Mask, Foot Scrub, and Foot Balm, a bag of Herbal Foot Soak, a natural lava pumice stone, and a wooden scooping spoon.

Honewild Apothecary

Honeywild Apothecary also makes some amazing Organic Lip Balm! They come in a variety of natural colors that leave your lips moisturized while also give you the perfect hint of color. We said it once and we’ll say it again - their Palmarosa tinted lip balm gives us nostalgia galore. My all-time-favorite lipstick in the 90's was Clinque's Black Honey. Palmarosa is very similar to Black Honey, but it is much more moisturizing, all organic, and in a recyclable container. Even better!

Eco-Conscious Fashion

Prairie Underground

It’s sometimes difficult to find fashionable clothing that are both sustainable AND on trend. Prairie Underground, a company committed to sustainable materials and practices, has a variety of options that meet both of those goals. Their Double Agent Dress in organic and elastane heavy twill fits like a dream and gives instant fashion while also feeling classic. Honestly, they had us at “80’s inspired” and “power dressing.”

Simply Darling

Another brand, with a more eco cottage core-vibe is Simply Darling. Their organic linen dresses have a vintage flair and are heirloom quality making them extremely eco-friendly. We really love this dress because it is comfortable, organic, and has pockets to stash things.

Pen and Pine

Sometimes fashion can be as simple as a unique bandana tied in just the right way. And a bandana is a functional gift as well as you can use it to help keep your hair out of your face or to keep the sweat to a minimum. Pen and Pine is one of our favorite new businesses because of their designs and sustainability practices. Their Mushroom and Fern Bandana is the perfect gift for that foraging/nature-loving woman in your life. Pen and Pine’s bandanas are printed locally using eco-friendly methods and materials.

Photography Workshop

Let's Go Photography

Let's Go Photography is based here in the beautiful Pacific NW, a backdrop for aspiring shutterbugs to get that perfect shot. Run by Oregon natives Marcell and Courtney Meili, their wedding photography courses delve into such topics as photo editing, pricing, SEO and more. A perfect gift for that creative type in your life, especially if they love karaoke and dancing too!
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