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Holiday Gifts for Lovers of Magick


Bee the Light

Every witch and magick maker knows the importance of fire, one of the five elements. Candles make the perfect addition to any spell, tarot reading, or ritual. In our opinion, you just can never have enough candles. We really love beeswax, in particular, because it actually combats indoor air pollution using negative ions, is all natural, and is naturally scented. Bee the Light is one of our new favorites because they use ethically sourced U.S. beeswax and are handmade sustainably in Virginia. We love their gift box and think it would make a spectacular gift used to bring some warmth and coziness for the hygge lover.

Honey Candle

Another new favorite beeswax candle business is Honey Candle which is handcrafted and uses all natural ingredients. Imagine the scene - countless tapers, tealights, and pillars flanking a mantle, reading by candlelight, and listening to the rain drops on the window….cozy vibe central! If you want to set the scene for the perfect cozy Yule evening or Yule altar, this Yule tree candle is sure to evoke feelings of warmth and light around the darkest time of the year.

Veil & Dagger
Wooly Beast Naturals

In the direction of U.S. grown soy candles, look no further and you will find Veil & Dagger/Wooly Beast Naturals with eco cotton wicks and zero waste, plastic-free packaging. This Nordic runes-inspired etched candle, The Woodsman, would be the perfect gift for the heathen in your life. But our favorite Wooly Beast candle by far is Magical Forest and would be a great gift for the goddess in your life.  

Ouro Hermetica

Candles are an important part of many altars and rituals. Ouro Hermetica, a handmade company based in witchcraft, makes lovely Ritual Soy Candles in a variety of scents. We especially love the Saturnalia scent.

Eco-Witchy Clothing

Prairie Underground

Every witch needs a good cloak. Sure you could reach for the old wool or polyester standard, but there are options. Why sacrifice style and sustainability when you can have both? Prairie Underground, a company committed to sustainable materials and practices, has managed to create a modern take on the cloak and we think it’s divine.

French Meadows

When times call for something extremely special, there is no better option than French Meadows. These high quality corsets and clothing would win any costume contest and would evoke pure magick at your next seance or ritual for sure.

Pen and Pine

Sometimes just an accessory is all you need (or maybe you want a gift for under $20). This witchy bandana by Pen and Pine is beautiful, unique, and can be used in so many ways. The best part is that it is printed with eco-friendly methods!

Reminisce Shoppe

Reminisce Shoppe has a lovely collection of witchy wear which would be perfect for your magick lovers next Renaissance Fair.  We fell in love with their Irish Boho Peasant Renaissance Costume because of it’s flowing material and perfect fit. We also really love their Gaelic Peasant Dress - it kind of makes you want to twirl someplace deep in the woods.

Wheel of the Year

Positively Mystic

The Wheel of the Year is a visual journey through the seasons. Pre-dating the modern calendar, for tens of thousands of years communities would use The Wheel of the Year to live and plan in flow with nature. While many Waldorf education programs and wildschooling families utilize these for learning, the Wheel of the Year is observed by many pagans, witches, and Wiccans. They use the wheel to symbolize the eight seasonal festivals representing the sabbats, or holidays. This spinning Wheel of the Year by Positively Mystic is simply gorgeous and includes many special details such as the moon phases, the sabbats, and astrological zodiac signs.

Mortar and Pestle

Art Bubka

Every witch knows the importance of a mortar and pestle. They are used in spells such as medicinal tinctures or incense. This wooden one by Art Bubka is gorgeous. It has carved runes and is reminiscent of Norse mythology and Vikings.

Metaphysical Cleansing


Whether you’re a healer, witch, and/or mental health professional, positive energy is key. And energy is everywhere and in everything! In preparation for most spellwork, cleansing is often employed to clear the space of negative energy. Puramento is an eco-friendly metaphysical business located in Salem, MA that is loaded with goods that will meet all of your cleansing needs and then some. They source all of their Selenite sustainably meaning that they partner directly (=less fuel and costs) with a mining co-op that is focused on leaving the smallest ecological footprint as well as paying fair wages to the craftspeople and miners. Their Selenite Round Bowl, Hexagon Bowl, or Plate are great for charging crystals and help cleanse any negative energy. We also love this Selenite Skyscraper which provides powerful energy cleansing in your home or office (toxic co-worker, anyone?).    



You might think witches do not actually use cauldrons; that those are folklore or make believe ideas from Hollywood. Heck, you might not even know that witches are real, but that’s a topic for another post. Either way, that magick loving loved one of yours would probably love a cauldron (or even, another one). Cauldrons are really great for smudging rituals, burning incense, or doing spellwork. We love the size, quality, and look of this cauldron by Puramento. Ours has been useful since the day that it arrived in one form or another.

Altar Box


Things can start to get cluttered real quick if you don’t have the biggest altar space. Any magick lover would love this Wooden Keepsake Box by Puramento to keep their special tokens in. We have ours filled with ethically-harvested Palo Santo, a smudge homemade stick, our favorite Tarot Deck from Psychic Sisters in Portland, and a special crystal.

Energetic Remedies

A Wild Light Apothecary

This Flower Essence Kit by A Wild Light Apothecary is one of our favorite new things. These plant remedies provide for inner exploration and strengthen our inner liberation. It is a beautiful kit and includes things like St. John’s Wort and Bleeding Heart and has amazing benefits. Their Queen of Boundaries spray which is probably something we could all use a little more of. We also really love their Ultimate Chiller spray  

Magical Art

Little Gold Fox Designs

We really love this beautiful Silk Moth printed on sustainable wood by Little Gold Fox Designs and think it would make the perfect addition to any magick lovers home. The black cats print is also pretty amazing. Their prints are 100% biodegradable while also being high quality and stand the test of time.

Dobie Draws

We also love the artwork from Dobie Draws. Much of it is dark and moody and has a magickal quality to it. Specifically, we think these Norse prints are perfect for the pagan home.

Eco-Handmade Soap

Three Sisters Apothecary

Three Sisters Apothecary makes the perfect bath and body supplies to make you feel pure magick. Their gift sets are geared towards the season and would make the perfect gift for anyone needing a little practical magick in their lives.   Their WinterTome gift set has a sampling of everything one would need such as body butter, lip salve, soap, and salt scrub. They even come in a neat box with a collectible enamel pin!

Veil & Dagger
Wooly Beast Naturals

Veil & Dagger/Wooly Beast Naturals also makes a lovely cold process soap using a blend of eco-friendly and phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils. These bars of soap will last months if you keep them dry. We love Dark Side of the Moon.

Eco-Magick Tea

Apolis Tea

Apolis Tea manages to create pure eco magick in each morsel of tea. From their organic teas to their so-pretty-you-want-to-use-them reusable glass apothecary-like jars, Apolis makes for the perfect gift for your eco magick lover friend. Their Mary and Blue tea is a favorite and reminds us a tea you’d drink while spellcasting on a dark, foggy, and rainy Pacific NW day. We also really love their Raspberry Rose tea with organic green tea and gorgeous dried rose petals it makes for the perfect tea to drink while reading tarot cards.    

Yule Inspired Gifts

Print Witchery

Since many magick lovers celebrate yule, what better gift than a Yule-inspired goodie. Print Witchery makes a slew of Yule-inspired items from greeting cards to Advent Calendars. Even though Advent Calendars are traditionally religious, Print Witchery makes some for the secular or pagan folk. After all, why should the Christians get to have all the fun? Our favorite is the Krampus BADvent Calendar; with amazing artwork and exciting windows to open each day, you can’t go wrong with this gift.  

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