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Holiday Gifts for lovers of Hygge and all things cozy

Eco-Friendly Tea

Apolis Tea

Nothing spells HYGGE like a warm cup of tea. Apolis Tea manages to check that box and then some. From their organic teas to their so-pretty-you-want-to-use-them reusable glass jars, Apolis makes for the perfect gift for your eco cozy friend. Their Mary and Blue tea is a favorite and reminds us of a rainy Pacific NW day and would be perfect to sip as the fog rolls in. Another perfect tea to warm you from within is the Honey Mint which tastes like sweet honey mixed with fresh mint leaves and has a hint of floral notes.

The Roof Crop

We also really love The Roof Crop’s tisanes and teas. The Viridian is simply beautiful with edible flowers and has many medicinal benefits with ingredients like lemon balm (good for relaxation and stress) and perilla (ant-inflammatory).

Uproot Tea

Another amazing tea that combines sustainability and coziness is Uproot Tea. We are in love with their Genmaicha and the fact that they are a zero waste business. With this reusable strainer makes your tea habit even more eco-friendly. They also pay above fair trade prices to support sustainable farms that they partner directly with.

Eco-Friendly Candles

Candlelight is the #1 fastest way to create a cozy ambiance and evoke feelings of warmth. It is our opinion, the more the merrier when it comes to candles. As candlemakers, we know a thing or two about a well-made and sustainable candle. Our candles use U.S. grown soy wax and eco cotton wicks, are zero waste, and are inspired by memories and living in the woods of the Pacific NW. We also attempt to source from other local suppliers and small businesses.

Bee the Light

While we know a thing or two about candles, we still love to support other candlemakers. While we are pretty proud of our candles, we still really love a good beeswax taper or pillar candle. There’s just something cozy about a mantle filled with different shapes and sizes of natural candles burning. We love beeswax, in particular, because it actually combats indoor air pollution using negative ions, is all natural, and is naturally scented. Bee the Light is one of our new favorites because they use ethically sourced U.S. beeswax and are handmade sustainably in Virginia. We love their gift box and think it would make a spectacular gift used to bring some warmth and coziness for the hygge lover.      

Honey Candle

Another new favorite beeswax candle business is Honey Candle which is handcrafted and uses all natural ingredients. Imagine the scene - countless tapers, tealights, and pillars flanking a mantle, reading by candlelight, and listening to the rain drops on the window….cozy vibe central! If you want to set the scene for the perfect cozy Yule evening or Yule altar, this Yule tree candle is sure to evoke feelings of warmth and light around the darkest time of the year.

Veil & Dagger

If you’re looking for soy wax candles, look no further. Veil and Dagger/Wooly Beast Naturals is a good place to start. Their blends are created by a well-practiced and trained healer with intention and are highly curated while also managing to stay true to their strong environmental mission. Bonfire on the Beach, a limited edition eco wood wick candle, evokes cozy nights by the fire wrapped in woolen blankets. With hints of smoky campfire and fresh sea spray, it has elements of everything special about a serene bonfire somewhere on a Pacific NW beach.  

Handmade Mug

Wolf Ceramics

Nothing spells eco Hygge like drinking a warm cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa on a stormy day. A high-quality ceramic piece can last a lifetime if cared for appropriately which is a very sustainable purchase indeed! Wolf Ceramics makes some of the most beautiful and sturdy mugs that we’ve come across. The sunrise mug and talia mug are our new favorite things. We usually fill it with an adaptogen beverage like Coco Glow or Apolis Tea mixed with some local honey.

Eco Syrup

Coffee Mods

A good way to elevate your hygge cozy beverage experience is with Coffee Mods. These barista handcrafted syrups are non GMO and all natural which is really important to us and helpful for the environment. They also make a delicious Chili Chocolate Mocha syrup that makes an amazing Mexican Mocha drink.


Our new favorite syrup is from Meadowland. The thing that originally drew us to this business was their packaging. Katie’s illustrations are nostalgic and reminiscent of a fairytale forest. Best of all, Meadowland uses organic and local (whenever possible) and are non-GMO and are without artificial colors. We love this Wonderland collection for all of our hygge beverages. Our favorite is the warm and spicy Gingerbread syrup and we add it to coffee and whiskey. We also really love the Winter Forest syrup which is fresh and crisp elevating any of your cozy beverage.  

Eco Wool Slippers


We do not wear shoes in our house for several reasons (two words - NYC and the subway). Other than the grimy nightmares etched into our souls, we now live in the rainy Pacific Northwest and we like to try to stretch out our clean floors for as long as we can. So, needless to say, we wear the heck out of our slippers throughout most of the year. A high quality and eco friendly pair of wool slippers is your best bet. We love all of the slippers by Kyrgies. Kyrgies sheep are mulesed-free which means that the sheep’s skin is not removed. They also use vegetable-tanned leather which means no toxic chemicals are used in the process. Kyrgies is also Climate Neutral Certified and donate 1% of their yearly sales to charities to help the planet.  

Eco Textiles

Prairie Underground

Your space is one of the most important aspects in evoking a hygge feel. Furry blankets, thrifted or eco sheepskin rugs, candlelight, and pleasing neutral tones are a good start. Textiles are easily one of the fastest ways to cozy up your space. These reclaimed pillow cases from Prairie Underground are perfect to complete your look while also maintaining sustainability.

Eco Art

Dobie Draws

Another great way to evoke a certain dark and cozy vibe is through art. It can become quite the process finding the perfect piece of art to compliment your hygge space. Art is really so personal, but we tend to go with the dark vibe in our home. We love the artwork from Dobie Draws. Specifically, we think these surreal wood art folk prints are perfect for a cozy and dark hygge space.

Eco Books

Little Gold Fox Designs

Once you have the space and the ambiance, what do you actually do in that hygge environment? Our first suggestion would be to read, of course! We love getting used books from our local thrift store or utilizing Thriftbooks or Powell’s bookstore online. If you’re ever in town, Powell’s is also located in Portland and is the largest independent bookstore. A giftcard to one of the previously mentioned shops would be a nice gift combined with a Scandinavian-inspired eco wooden bookmark from Little Gold Fox Designs.

Eco Bath

Honeywild Apothecary

Nothing spells COZY like a steamy bath… add in some candles, bath salts, a glass of Gamay, and dim lighting and you have the perfect Saturday evening. We are big fans of Honeywild Apothecary so much! So much so they made our list again this year. Why are they so great? They source all of their ingredients consciously using organic ingredients when possible and choosing sustainable options that protect the earth. They grow their own flowers and herbs when the climate allows, and forage wild resources whenever possible on their five acre property. All of the honey and beeswax used in their products is produced responsibly on their farm, or by a neighboring beekeeper. The best part? Their products really work! Their Botanical Bath Salts are really beautiful (and calming). We especially love the Breathe Easy Botanical Bath Salts for this time of year of stuffy noses.

Ouro Hermetica

Ever heard of bath tea? Well, our friends over at Ouro Hermetica make a Bath Tea Spell Vial that is almost too pretty to use. Just sprinkle it in your warm water (or hot if you’re like us) and you’re just upgraded your bath to a whole new level. With some intention you will be well on your way to making magick. Add in one of their amazing candles or Wax Melts and you’ve just created the perfect hygge bathtime gift. They also make Ritual Shower Melts for days that you don’t have time for a bath, but want the hygge-like ritualistic bath experience. Just pop one in the shower and you’ve transported to a new place entirely.  

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