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We won’t ask why you’re dirty.

We’ll just tell you that our soaps are made the natural way.

They’re 5.25ozcold-processed
bricks of cleanliness.
No Palm oil.
No Phthalates.

All Vegan.
All American.

With pure scents like lilac and hydrangea, peppermint and aspen and citrus and pine,
they’ll exfoliate your skin and your heart.

We’re not telling you all this so that you’ll feel like you have to share more information about how you got so dirty.

Like we said, we don’t want to know.

We just want you to buy our soap.

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This is a fantastic bar of soap. The scent is great, as it kind of wraps up the essence of the Pacific northwest. It's got a woodsy smell, but it's balanced with the vanilla and musk, so I don't smell simply like a pile of wood chips. I live far south of the PNW, but now that this soap is in my home, I could swear I'm there! I am glad I discovered this soap as well as Wooly Beast Designs products!

- Spencer - Verified Buyer

Best Smelling Soap Ever

This soap has legitimately ruined all other soaps for me. When I run out of it I actually go into a panic mode, because I know I won't be able to shower until I pick up a new one. My husband, who is an IRL bearded man loves it, obvs, but I am a woman sans beard and it's still the best smelling soap everrrrrr. Get it. Do it.

- Sierra - Verified Buyer



Not only does this soap have a refreshing, woodsy, spicy smell in the shower and on a body, just having it in the shower makes the whole bathroom have a nice SUBTLE commensurate refreshing, woodsy, spicy smell. I'm looking forward to visiting Portland again to check out the other fragrances. In the meantime, I'm ordering more of the 'Bearded Man." (I agree with the other reviewer - it's great for women too!)

- Kim - Verified Buyer


Only Essential Oils are used to create our Supernatural Collection. Inspired by music, nature, and cocktails.

Dark Side of the Moon, Blood Moon,
Dark and Stormy, Earth, Wind and Fire

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